Civil Aviation and Aircraft Transactions

Civil Aviation in general and Civil Aircraft in particular are an industry area that applies modern and advanced technology with high internationality, involving many countries, multi-national organizations and people; associating safety, security and synchronous operation in a strict process which follows international standards and national laws. Therefore, it requires the consultant to be a qualified and professional specialist with years of practical consulting experience in this area.

At LIFT Consulting Group, we have a legal team with extensive experience in consulting transactions related to trading and/or leasing aircraft, aircraft engines and issues about activities in civil aviation, including:

  • Advising and assisting clients on carrying out transactions on aircraft and aircraft engines, such as lease, lease back, sale and purchase, in Vietnam or through overseas. We directly participate in drafting, reviewing and giving our opinions on contracts and transaction documents; representing or joining clients to negotiate with third parties.
  • Advising on aviation insurance contracts; Assisting clients on working, negotiating with domestic insurers, brokers for insurance and reinsurers; Advising and supporting clients on matters associated with payment claims on insurance benefits from unfortunate aviation incidents.
  • Providing financial advice to serve transactions about purchasing and/or leasing aircraft, aircraft engines. We analyze the aircraft type, aircraft life cycle, aircraft segment, aircraft fleet, situation and trending of the air transport industry market to develop appropriate advices, adapted to the market situations and our clients’ business requirements. With our experience and relationship, we are able to connect and work with large financial institutions to arrange capital and carry out aircraft transactions.


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